Panic attacks and Open Spaces



Another anxiety disorder that causes people to feel fear in normal life situations is agoraphobia. The word in Latin means fear of open spaces. It also occurs in extreme crowded places where people who suffer from the condition find themselves in a state of panic with symptoms including, accelerated heartbeat, anxiety, gasp for air, strong pulse and abnormal behavior and even the possibly to fear for their own life.

Under the DSM-IV standard it is classified as a panic disorder. As the name says, a panic disorder as described in the past paragraph is a condition in which the person loses the common pattern under which rational mammals think. The cognitive process of natural survival instincts is triggered out of order. So in other words your mind flips a switch and creates a false alarm.

How many sufferers are there?

About 2.2% of the population in the US suffer from the disease which translates to something between 3 to 4 million people. Treatment starts off by measuring panic attacks and monitoring the patient’s activity. It is usually the result of a panic attack the person suffered prior in life. The result of a trauma in which the person’s psychological state suffered great disturbance scarring the patient’s psychological subconscious patterns.


After there is an establishment of how bad the clinical state of a patient is, the medication treatment is established in order to normalize a person’s health. After starting the treatment people that suffer from agoraphobia can return back to their normal lives while also continuing to progress on treatment with the follow up of both a psychologist and psychiatrist. The lack of knowledge people have in regards to the disease may leave some undiagnosed in the first phases of the disease. But as the disease progresses and people notice the anomalies in their lives they tend to seek medical guidance.

Governments should proceed on to have programs to educate people in regards to such psychological diseases. Treatments should be made available freely to all people since these types of disease are usually the result of society itself. The trauma that people usually endure in the cities themselves is a consequence that leads to such syndromes. Stress, long working hours, chaotic urban areas can all lead to such health conditions. It is particularly noticeable that this disease may be developed by people who are under intense stress.

What’s next?

A good way to avoid such health conditions might be to engage in some “life’s best practices” , that includes exercise, good night’s sleep, healthy eating and having an uplifting social network of friends. However, if all efforts that are done in order to avoid agoraphobia fail, medical assistance should be sought immediately in order to avoid further complications. The end result will be to proceed working normally while maintaining the treatment that was advised by a psychiatrist. This is the treatment that is undertaken by most people across the country who suffers from the disease and it has proved to be very effective.

There are natural remedies for panic attacks as alternatives to medical treatment. So before going straight into the doctor’s office, do some research and find out about other options that may cost less or offer zero side effects to your body and your pocket. You can cure agoraphobia, there are a number of products you can review for panic attacks that can help take your panic away, many others have done so.

As long as people are more aware of such conditions they will be able to treat them as they arise and to avoid excess stress and things that may cause them to also become sick on the long run.

You should not ignore this condition and the sooner it is treated no matter your choice of treatment the better off you will be at living the life we all deserve and enjoy.